Preferred Partner Program

Program Overview: TechData has partnered with ScopeStack to provide a unique SoW and Customer Success automation platform to its partners. TechData subsidizes the monthly fee on behalf of its preferred partners for 12 months.

Instructions for signing up with TD preferred partner discount:

1. Direct partners here:

2. Have partners use this coupon code: TD19 for 40% Discount on Monthly Fee

* This coupon will lock them in at a reduced rate for the first year

Partner Pricing


Why does ScopeStack matter to Partners?

1. They struggle with consistent services pricing and language

2. The current tools available are not built for Solution Providers

3. They are looking for ways to reduce the cost of sale

4. Their presales engineers don't like scope services and writing SoW(s) manually

Why should TechData care?

1. NO other solution aggregators are trying to solve this problem for Partners - Big Differentiator

2. Future integrations with 1Source - Driving more partners to TechData

3. Unique partnership between TechData-Cisco-ScopeStack for Customer Success - Differentiator